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November 30, 2016

Finding paying customers for your sustainable product or service is not always easy. Brainstorming on possible underlying needs can help you to find a target group and rephrase your value proposition. But sometimes, this is easier said than done. When we set up a faceb...

November 25, 2016

As the design world is moving forward, I ask myself a philosophical question: is Product Design the same as Customer Experience Design? As a product designer, I also wonder if I’m actually not an experience designer. And my answer is pretty clear: designing products is...

November 24, 2016

Without a customer there is no business. Sounds straightforward, but reality shows it’s quite a challenge. From clothing made of nettles to award winning biodegradable boxes for organic waste, not all great sustainable ideas find their way to customers.‘Customers are j...

November 15, 2016

With increasing attention for the circular economy, more and more companies are aware that our way of consuming is reaching its limits. This year earth-overshoot-day already took place on August 8, meaning that on this day we used more of nature than the planet can ren...

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February 12, 2020

November 10, 2019

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At Innoboost we create profit to be proud of through circular business innovation. That's how businesses can be a force for good. 



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