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Purpose and Portfolio set up for sustainable growth
Zin in Maandag
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Co-create a futureproof purpose and portfolio for sustainable growth

Shared view on purpose and position in the market

Proposition book with Co-created & Validated concepts

"Happy to steer growth based on an updated directive"

Once upon a time, professionals wanted to work with fresh energy and keep the spirit up, knowing there are many challenges for happiness at work. 

Maandag® connects people with work they enjoy, so they can get excited and stay excited.

To grow in sectors and services, Maandag® needed to update its purpose and portfolio and bring it up to 2022 standard.

Together with the owners, the board, and teams from different business lines, Innoboost developed and updated the purpose and portfolio of the company. Based on customer insights.


Which, in this platform organization, means having a deep understanding of the motivational drivers of professionals in specific sectors and specialisms. And we are combining those with the needs in the market; of organizations in need of self-starters. 

By Co-creating & Validating, we set up all teams to recruit and place people who bring fresh energy to work. And enable sustainable growth of the company.

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