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For a Multinational
How to become an Ecohero
Pathways to Impact
Envisioning workshop with designers to identify impact challenge, aspirational North Star and Action Plan to get there

a strategy and business models to become an Ecohero

"Align with our specialists to understand how to deliver on our SDG-commitments"

Once upon a time there was a multinational, that committed to three SDG's, amongst them SDG 13: climate action. 

Therefore the portfolio needs to become eco-efficient, using less energy, renewable sources or think beyond that: and design a fully eco-efficient alternative to pilot.

Together with high and low-tech engineers, designers, product marketers, value chain experts, and the innovation guides from Innoboost, this client identified the main impact challenge based on LCA data and ecosystem mapping, articulated a North Star, and identified the next steps going forward. 

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