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Philips Business Line
How to become an Ecohero
Pathways to Impact
Ecosystem Mapping

With a group designers, we envisioned an eco-efficient future, defining a bold North Star, and crafting an Action Plan together. Innovating for Impact. 


A sound direction for future business including a Roadmap with new business models and solutions
to become an Ecohero

"Align with our specialists to understand how to deliver on our SDG-commitments"

In alignment with Philips' unwavering commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, their business lines are on a mission to tackle various challenges—one crucial aspect involved transforming their portfolio into an eco-efficient powerhouse.


The journey demands a strategic renewal of value propositions, focusing on minimizing energy and materials consumption and transcending the boundaries of their current portfolio. It's about anticipating and crafting fully eco-efficient alternatives that will shape the future horizon. e propositions, using less energy, renewable sources, and rethinking beyond the current portfolio. Anticipating fully eco-efficient alternatives for the future horizon.  🌿💡

Teaming up with a diverse crew of high and low-teach engineers, creative designers, savvy product marketers, value chain experts and the insightful innovation guides of Innoboost, one of Philips business lines pinpointed their primary impact challenge. Drawing insights from Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) data and ecosystem mapping, they embarked on a journey of discovery.  

The outcome? An articulated Impact Goal, guiding North Star illuminating the path ahead along with the key milestoned to reach along the way. Through the method of backcasting, we precisely identified the next steps to ensure they continue as a global leader, consistently enhancing the lives of people worldwide. 

Ready to join us on this impactful journey forward? Let's shape the future together! 🌐🚀

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