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Want to have impact? - Focus on the experience that matters


We commit to accelerate fundamental change

in the way that businesses produce and customers use

goods & services.

We use SDG 12 as a framework to deliver value, for business and society. 

We spot business opportunities, design value propositions

and stimulate new consuming habits that are:

  1. Financially viable

  2. Scalable

  3. With potential to improve quality of life

  4. Demonstrating a positive environmental impact

Conscientious Branding - it is cool to care

At the heart of every business case is a great customer experience. Because that’s what people look forward to, will remember and come back for. It starts with a crisp and clear answer to the key customer question: what do I care? 
Circular Business Experiments - turn to the experience 

To make a giant leap forward, toward a circular economy Innoboost Circular Projects supports organisations in taking their first step towards a business model where customers pay for the experience.
Customer Engagement - staging experiences at scale
Want to get your new product or service in the hands, hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of potential customers? That's exactly what we do. Based on a smart combination of experience, a mobile platform and a panel of 80,000 people, which gets people to experience and share the experience it in and engaging way.
Value Proposition Design - CeX sells

To define a Customer eXperience (CeX) that breaks through the clutter while building business Innoboost offers tailored CeX-sessions. A great way to kick-off marketing and innovation initiatives.
Employee engagement: creating state-of-the-heart employee experiences
Customers will never love a company until employees love it first (Simon Sinek). At Innoboost we create state-of-the-heartbeat employee experiences that result in higher loyalty and higher engagement. We inspire candidates, with recruitment journeys, and employees, with our onboarding and learning journeys, to turn candidates and employees into brand advocates. 
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