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How could we create a pathway to net zero?

& ING Asia

To combat climate change and foster a low-carbon economy,
ING Asia is charting a course towards sustainability. Together we've expedited the creation of a sustainability roadmap and action plan, driving ING Asia towards a carbon-neutral impact by 2050.

Elevating sustainability initiatives
At ING, 'sustainability' stands tall as a strategic pillar. However, achieving their ambitious targets demands swift action. So we focused on accelerating efforts towards achieving 'net zero in operations,' ensuring seamless alignment with the future's low-carbon economy.

Engaging for impact
Transitioning towards net zero required collaborative efforts that spanned beyond a single night. We initiated Co-create & Validate sessions using local best practices and careful carbon footprint measurements. These sessions resulted in practical roadmaps for each branch, validated by our country ambassadors to ensure inclusive engagement within the organization.

Navigating complexity

Crucial collaboration with local teams was essential. Our challenge lies in achieving the ideal balance between sustainability objectives and sustained business success, all while upholding the customer experience. Together, we crafted country-specific action plans to achieve net zero internal operations by 2050.

Refined recommendations

In the conclusive stages, we consolidated our efforts into a comprehensive regional plan. This plan includes short, mid, and long-term initiatives. We supported it by identifying enablers and addressing assumptions, preparing us for seamless implementation.

What lies ahead?
Concrete roadmaps for each country and a regional action plan are now in motion. Remarkably, several initiatives were already underway before the project’s conclusion, showcasing our unwavering commitment to driving progress. That’s how we boost progress together!

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