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Allow us to introduce Christiaan, our strategic pragmatist and Circular Business guide, whose unique talent lies in co-creating future scenarios and translating them into tangible short-term actions. His collaborative spirit and insatiable curiosity drive him to never miss an opportunity to learn. Whether he's deepening his expertise in sectors where he already has experience or mastering entirely new fields, Christiaan is always on the quest for knowledge and innovation.

Passionate about leaving a positive impact on both people and the planet, Christiaan brings his entrepreneurial spirit, vast knowledge, and exceptional skills to the table. He is dedicated to the vision of creating circular businesses where experimentation and change lead to profits to be genuinely proud of.

Explore his groundbreaking ideas and insights in his latest book, '
Circular Business - Collaborate and Circulate
'.  In its pages, you'll discover a wealth of knowledge about circular business creation and the transformative power of collaboration.
Click on the video below to learn more about Christiaan.
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