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Our approach

to create profit to be proud of 

Innovate at three levels
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We commit to accelerate fundamental change in the way that businesses produce and customers use goods & services.

We use SDG 12 as a framework to deliver value for business and society in six actionable steps. 

We spot business opportunities, design value propositions

and stimulate new consuming habits that are:

  1. Financially viable

  2. Scalable

  3. With potential to improve quality of life

  4. Demonstrating a positive environmental impact

Boosting progress together

at three levels

When the Circular Economy is new to you and you don't know where you are heading, our Pathways to Impact will help you discover thriving business opportunities.


Based on ecosystem mapping and design thinking, you will explore your impact spaces and describe your aspirational North Star - your Impact Goal for commercialization. As well as scenarios to get there and an Action Plan with next steps for value propositions and new business models. 

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When you already know where you are heading and have a technology or an idea for the Circular Economy, our
Co-Create & Validate approach will help you to speed up circular innovation, while getting grip on the risks involved.  

This proven approach can start in the fuzzy front end or later in the commercialization phase. Anyways, we will ensure your solution is impactful, feasible, viable, and highly desirable. 

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When you want to get a better grip on your risks, reach out to us to help you design and conduct a small experiment to validate.

We are used to splitting facts from assumptions and collecting proof to convince internal and external stakeholders by running small Circular Business Experiments. Related to your stakeholders' needs, offer, or business model.  

So you can end discussions and boost progress.

Receive some circular love and download the templates for your own use.​

At Innoboost we work with our own templates. Here you can find the templates of the publication ‘From Product Ownership to Customer Experiences’, which elaborates how companies can create circular businesses that resonate with customer needs. After all, without a customer, there is no business.

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