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The Netherlands Nutrition Centre - Voedingscentrum
Influence behavioral change in small steps
Foto door Andres  Ayrton - Pexels

A customer journey of insights to create a communication message for a specific moment.

"Because behavioral change happens in small steps"

Once upon a time, food experts wondered how to convey young adults to eat and drink fewer sugars. In that quest,  the Netherlands Nutrition Centre - Voedingscentrum - searched for a winning campaign to change food consumption behavior.

With experts ranging from behavioral experts to dieticians, Innoboost co-created and validated a customer journey to do so. 

In three sprints we Co-created & Validated

1. listing the riskiest assumptions of the food expert team and validated this with 250 young adults to co-create three campaigns

2. launching these campaigns on our validation platform, allowing 500 young adults to pick their favorite. Based on what they selected, we learned what interested young adults most. 

3. Fitting to the different needs identified, we optimized each campaign and plotted insights in one customer journey. 

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