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Mud Jeans
Persuade customers to lease jeans
Built a business experiment to test propositions

Joint holistic perspectives
A/B test on different concepts
Strengthened strategy and brandbook

"Fresh ideas and better understanding of what customers can expect from a circular business"

Once upon a time there was a conscious consumer who found it difficult to enjoy fashion, knowing that it is the second largest polluting industry in the world.

Jeans companies that source sustainable cotton, do not decrease the pressure on our natural resources. Mud Jeans gives conscious consumers the opportunity to be the change by leasing jeans. Returned jeans are recycled into new ones, thereby putting the circular economy into practice.

A way to enjoy life and fashion without harming the world. Mud Jeans unites game-changers like themselves to prove that a sustainable lifestyle can be fun; a statement you look great in.

Innoboost helped Mud Jeans to look at their value proposition from a customer perspective and is very proud to work with this game-changer in the circular economy.

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