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Philips Lumea 
How do customers react on a circular service model?
Lumea Philips

Shifting towards circular business models can be radical. Companies have to develop a new way of doing business, which comes with new partnerships and capabilities. Is the customer even interested in this? To answer these questions: think big, start small. We believe than one experiment is worth more than a thousand meetings. Through small experiments with low investments we can test our assumptions and take steps.

Set up business experiments to validate most risky assumptions
Several tests that are made as real-life as possible to understand the enablers and organizational set up for a new  circular business model

Sellers of Philips products on Marktplaats (Dutch online second hand market) were interviewed on why they decided to sell it. And customers show heard about the product, but did not use it yet, were asked what is holiding them back. To generate more insights, several ads for Facebook were designed to test who clicked on the advertisement of the circular idea. Selected participants joined a pilot and receive the product to get a better understanding of the customer experience in a closed community.

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