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Cooperl - Vereijken
To proudly farm. Today and tomorrow.
Cooperl- Vereijken
Cooperl - Vereijken
Cooperl - Vereijken
Cooperl - Vereijken
Co-create & Validate with a global multidisciplinary team

a Solution book including family identity that functions as a living framework for further development, training and activation.
Helping pig farmers to proudly farm, today and tomorrow.

"Proudly launching at the World's leading trade fair for livestock management"

Once upon a time, a pig farmer wanted to safeguard his license to produce today & tomorrow. However ever changing regulations on welfare, food safety, and sustainability, and market and consumer demands create uncertainty about how to stay profitable when upgrading their farm to the latest legislation. 

Until Cooperl - Farm'apro - Vereijken - CRD joined up to launch new and exciting combinations of equipment - software and performance management, addressing the challenges related to food safety, welfare, carbon footprint, and transparency. 

In multiple Co-creation Sessions Innoboost facilitated the development of 4 new Solutions. Based on customer and market insights, in line with ever-changing legislation. The teams validated with distributors and customers. And we visualized the minimal viable propositions to be launched at the World’s leading trade fair for professional animal farming and livestock management.  

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