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Ancora Health
Fast forward to your launching customer
Engage with different audience for digital validation  of risky assumptions

Identified target group and listed features most convincing for them

"Finding that key audience for success is core to scaling"

Once upon a time there was a health tech startup, that had developed awesome tech solutions for bon vivants to make healthier lifestyle choices, but struggled to identify the key audience: their launching customer that would adopt their offer and help them to scale. Fast. 

Supported by the Dutch Health Insurance System, where reimbursement is available for lifestyle interventions for everyone with a BMI (Body-Mass-Index) over 25. 

In our panel, we identified 400 people eligible for such a digital lifestyle intervention program, and we invited them to embark on an engagement journey. Where they were asked to respond to statements and share insights on their current way of living and their motivational drivers to change them. 

Leading to identifying the audience that would most likely be the launching customer, as well as listing key features in the program that would convince them. Which are now highlighted on their website. 

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