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Mums persuading mums to skip junk food

Once upon a time, there was a group of mums wanting to feed their babies healthy, tasty food without compromising on convenience.  

That is when Organix developed a "No Junk" proposition. But before the market launch they wanted to figure out what messaging hierarchies would best convince mums to buy Organix. 

Commercialize faster by co-creating with a growing fanbase

New insights and User Generated Content from mums for mums

"Mmm, I like this food also for myself. #alwayshungry"

From our panel with innovators, we selected mums with babies between 6 and 18 months old who are used to shopping at Albert Heijn, a leading chain of supermarkets in the Netherlands.  To get them to try, enjoy and recommend the brand to other mums, we invited them on an engagement journey. Developed on our digital platform. 

Resulting in thousands of photos and videos of babies and mums. Content created by fans to be shared with prospects. New insights from their comments and a high NPS from these ambassadors. 

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