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Urban Farming Singapore
Proof of Concept to feed a growing population
Mark Stepnicki - Pexels
Yan Krukau - Pexels
Built a business experiment to test propositions

A strong, validated brand story to bring urban farming products to a demanding market, with clear benefits for consumers and what crops to start with for a viable launch. 

"Crispy insights for shoppers, chefs and society to feed foodies in a leading city-state"

Once upon a time, a city-state shopper wanted to eat local and fresh,  but as a convenience habit kept buying veggies in the supermarket

​Urban Farms can grow and deliver fresh and tasty locally sourced vegetables, thus drastically reducing footprint of veggies sourced elsewhere and thus keeping our world liveable and thriving.


But how to turn this into viable business?

a Singaporean/Dutch consortium building the largest indoor farm in Singapore asked Innoboost to co-create and validate the market opportunity and develop winning propositions to steal the hearts of local foodies and chefs. 

In three sprints we generated relevant insights, build value propositions upon these needs and validated the willingness to pay for urban farmed crops. Leading to a compelling story and a shortlist of popular crops.

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