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Circular Solar Service
Creating a new ecosystem
Circular Solar Service

Embarking on a journey to revolutionize the PV panel system, Christiaan and Cheyenne lead the way. Together, they delve into the realm of possibilities, seeking to uncover the value and identifying potential partners. After numerous collaborative sessions, the stage is set for the pilot phase. 


A consortium and a new service model for longer use of PV panels and triple societal impact.  Ready to pilot. 

"I believe in green energy for my community, because it will enable us to grow ourselves."

Ever wondered how your discarded solar panels could become a source of positive change? We embarked on a step-by-step journey. Unused PV panels, instead of reaching the end of their life, head to a recycling facility. Here, newly skilled hands meticulously separate the components, choosing the ones still shining bright. 

Together with a community leader in Khayelitsha and his dedicated team, these recycled panels are now installed on schoolroofs. And it doesn't stop there - keeping these panels in top shape is crucial. The service teams, now equipped with specialized skills, ensure that many homes and individuals benefit from the brilliance of Circular Solar.

Imagine the impact: studying in the evening, running businesses, and generating income, all thanks to the light powered by your discarded panels.

Thanks to a newly set up consortium, partners embracing the circular way and leaving a legacy that shines bright. 

Curious to know more? And set up a new value chain, consortium or ecosystem? Let's delve into the transformative power of going circular.

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