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Engie CoVisionLab
Towards a Sufficiency Economy

Shared identification of main impact challenges and Co-Creating to find new groundbreaking pathways with multiple partners in the value chain


Carving out fresh pathways and solutions for the automotive value chain. 


It feels very daunting and ahead of the curve, but if we can nail this, together.... we create future-proof business"

In a vibrant gathering of trailblazers from various sectors, the pioneers from Engie embarked on a visionary journey with us. We didn't just foresee trends; together, we embraced the challenge of understanding the profound shifts in the automotive industry. Picture this: experts in mining engaged in conversations with insightful consumer experts, while materials specialists shared their wisdom with the brilliant minds shaping new business models. 

Guided by the concept of Sufficiency Economy, where innovation is conscientious, these innovators explored the art of producing only what is essential, weaving together the green and clean narrative for the future. Innoboost took to stage, to inspire and spark creative thinking. 

With our energetic guidance, participants delved into immersive work sessions. Together, they identified the major impact challenges in the automotive sector. From raw materials extraction to changing consumption patterns and embarked on a Co-Creation journey. 


The result? A harmonious blend of creativity and purpose, where teams collaborated to carve out fresh pathways and solutions. They envisioned new governance structures that embraced the essence of reducing, rethinking, and refusing materials and processes. Why? To minimize their environmental footprint while maximizing the extraordinary value they bring to the business world. Together, we're not just imagining the future; we're shaping it, one sustainable idea at a time. Let's keep rocking the boat of innovation! 🌟

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