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Peerby and Innoboost search for untapped value

Finding paying customers for your sustainable product or service is not always easy. Brainstorming on possible underlying needs can help you to find a target group and rephrase your value proposition. But sometimes, this is easier said than done. When we set up a facebook panel for Peerby to see if our new ideas were tackling underlying needs, their community told us this is not what they are waiting for. So, now what? Innoboost is publishing a series of blogs in anticipation of our inspiring breakfast on 19 January, where 7 companies share their experience on circular business. This week we share our learning from the Peerby case about the value proposition building block. Searching for unt

A product is an experience

As the design world is moving forward, I ask myself a philosophical question: is Product Design the same as Customer Experience Design? As a product designer, I also wonder if I’m actually not an experience designer. And my answer is pretty clear: designing products is the same as designing experiences, but designing experiences is different than designing products. Confused? Let me explain. A product is an experience A product wouldn’t be a product if it wasn’t used. It’s functional and it's manufactured by people. Because the product only exists when an interaction is created between its user and itself, the product can be seen as an experience as well. As a product designer, you have to t

Vaventis & Innoboost are ready for a breath of fresh air

Without a customer there is no business. Sounds straightforward, but reality shows it’s quite a challenge. From clothing made of nettles to award winning biodegradable boxes for organic waste, not all great sustainable ideas find their way to customers.‘Customers are just not waiting for sustainable alternatives’. But is it fair to say this or was the company unclear about the benefits their product or service had to offer? Who is your customer and what do they really want? The Fresh-R is a demand driven decentral ventilation system with heat recovery that guarantees a healthy indoor climate while saving energy. It’s modular design - including connected technology to see if components are wo

Boska & Innoboost team up for positive impact

With increasing attention for the circular economy, more and more companies are aware that our way of consuming is reaching its limits. This year earth-overshoot-day already took place on August 8, meaning that on this day we used more of nature than the planet can renew in a whole year. It makes you think: What heritage am I passing on to the next generation? And what can I do to leave a positive impact on this planet? What is your legacy for the next generation? Over the past months Innoboost and the TUDelft have developed a six step methodology to get to a circular business. In this blog we share the learnings of our project with Boska Holland in which we learned a lot on the first buildi

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