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Different angles of Circularity

At Innoboost we like to share our learnings and align networks to boost progress together. Kudos to Marjolein Oyen-Driesens, Eelke Kroes and Lieke Rijken organizing an inspirational event in Singapore.

Together with Marieke Nispeling, and Teddy Heerbaart. Sharing cases from Meatable, Philips and FrieslandCampina.

Showing different angels of circularity: 

♻️ An overview of 16 different circular business models by Innoboost.

♻️ FrieslandCampina on how to valorize CO2 reductions realized by their farmers

♻️ Philips explained how they refurbish complex medical equipment like utrasounds to extend the lifetime

♻️ Meatable brought us in the world of cultivated meat as an example of regenerative business models.


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