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Invited by Jeroen Busscher, Christiaan and Sandra shared their ideas on New Business Radio. You can listen to this podcast. (in Dutch). Or ask them to share it in person with you.

Starting Circular Business is doable (and highly desirable)

Today the Week of the Circular Economy started. It is a great initiative because lost of people and organisations are triggered on the opportunities of creating circular business. During this week we will hear inspiring stories, but to be honest: it is still talking a lot. This is not because people don’t want to take action, but because they don’t know how: how to start, how to connect the right people, how to decide on risks involved… to name a few barriers. At Innoboost we learned - over the last 8 years - in co creating circular business with SMEs, start-, scale-ups and larger corporates how to start circular business. And we captured our findings in a free downloadable publication: Kic

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At Innoboost we create profit to be proud of through circular business innovation. That's how businesses can be a force for good. 



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