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Starting Circular Business is doable (and highly desirable)

Today the Week of the Circular Economy started. It is a great initiative because lost of people and organisations are triggered on the opportunities of creating circular business. During this week we will hear inspiring stories, but to be honest: it is still talking a lot. This is not because people don’t want to take action, but because they don’t know how: how to start, how to connect the right people, how to decide on risks involved… to name a few barriers.

At Innoboost we learned - over the last 8 years - in co creating circular business with SMEs, start-, scale-ups and larger corporates how to start circular business. And we captured our findings in a free downloadable publication: Kickstarting Circular Business.

Main Lessons learned:

  • Each organisation, regardless of sector or size, goes through 6 steps in an iterative way through continuous experimentation and learning cycles

  • Experimentation starts with your most riskiest assumptions and a qualitative or quantitative validation.

  • This approach also help to accelerate and de-risk your investments towards a circular business.

Read the 8 examples for inspiration and don’t forget: it’s fun to work together creating positive impact.

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