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Roadmap to solutions

Although we are an innovation consultancy, the way we offer our services has dramatically changed over the years. We have become really good at facilitating teams to build a roadmap to solutions: identify new business opportunities look for new value from partnerships to leverage risks go beyond the obvious solutions to new and breakthrough ideas turn assumptions into business experiments to speed up while de-risking We shape the learning experience, gamify elements and coach the team on process and business. The other good thing about it? By having to explain how we innovate to others, we continuously learn and improve our way of working all the time. Want to learn about innovation while do

How much value do you destroy?

Most of the time our client conversations are about new business value creation. At brand level, business or benefit level. Our innovation consultants understand all dynamics and turn challenges into actionable plans. However, we also change the script of the conversation. Based on the multi stakeholder value map we make, together with our clients’ team. Together we identify the current value captured as well as the value destroyed. Which, when your business is not yet completely circular, you will definitely do. Opening up the conversation based on this value mapping is a great starting point to look for new business opportunities. To create new value for all stakeholders. And stay releva

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At Innoboost we create profit to be proud of through circular business innovation. That's how businesses can be a force for good. 



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