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Greentech Berlin

Joining the Greentech Festival in Singapore in 2023 inspired Marjolein to the max. This was reason enough for her to join the Greentech Berlin Festival now that she has moved to Spain, Europe. Christiaan will join her to align with a community of investors and discuss how to fund the transition.

At Innoboost, we are often faced with many new technologies at an early stage. (Corporate) Venture teams present their promising technologies to further develop and commercialize them together with our Co-creation Guides. This is smart because technology alone won't make the venture fly. Creating a circular business includes making new tech highly irresistible.

By focusing on making it enjoyable and accessible for the end-user, you will surely drive long-lasting behavior change.

By setting up ecosystems that aim to keep most of the materials extracted in the economy, we design circular business models help teams understand organizational changes and define new roles, responsibilities, and capabilities. To either implement in their own organization, or source from a (new) partner in the ecosystem.

Do you want to know what else we learned over the last decade, helping businesses create profit to be proud of? Give Marjolein or Christiaan a call. They are happy to share their Berlin—and other—learnings.


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