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Highlights of our Inspiring Circular Breakfast

On 19th January eight companies shared their circular experiences and learnings for 100 people. Last year Innoboost, the TUDelft and these eight companies explored how we can tackle the transition towards a circular business. The core learning of all presenters: 'Think big, start small' - start with the customer needs and dare to experiment.

Connecting the dots: my personal journey towards a circular, collaborative future

Distancing myself from the daily work hustle and bustle, gave me the opportunity to draw powerful lessons and allow them to sink in. After 18 months of traveling with my family in 2003 and 2011, two things really got through: people all over the world want a better future for their children. And if you believe in this future, you have to get involved creating it. My personal drivers: improve the world, let others grow, keep adapting A big part of my professional career and personal life I have dedicated to causes I believe in: 16 years in the Royal Netherlands Navy, 11 years in hospitals, close to 3 years in politics, among other things. Always from a belief that I have to give my best effor

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At Innoboost we create profit to be proud of through circular business innovation. That's how businesses can be a force for good. 



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