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A Runway filled with New Business Models

Circular Economy Week in the Netherlands is a national event, bringing together businesses to accelerate the transition to a Circular Economy. It is instrumental in reaching the 2050 goal: for the Dutch economy to be completely circular.

In the National Programme on circular Economy 2023-2030, the government sees 4 ways to make the Dutch economy circular as circular as quickly possible:

  1. Reducing raw material usage We will need less raw materials if we buy fewer products, share items we already own and produce items more efficiently.

  2. Substituting raw materials When new raw materials are needed, we should use sustainably produced, renewable and widely available raw materials whenever possible. For example biomass, which is raw material made of plants, trees and food waste. This will make the Netherlands less dependent on fossil resources, and it is better for the environment.

  3. Extending product life We can use products and parts for longer and more intensively if we reuse and repair them. This slows demand for new products and new raw materials.

  4. High-grade processing We can recycle materials and raw materials so that new products can be made from them. This means less waste goes to landfill or is incinerated. And it increases the supply of sustainable raw materials.

We see a 5th one: igniting the power of entrepreneurs.

By mixing networks and initiating matchmaking, we know we can create new ecosystems to drive change.

Christiaan and Cheyenne did so to build a new value chain for recycled PV Panels in Khayelitsha, the 2nd largest township in South Africa. Creating environmental impact, by extending the lifetime of the PV panels and their raw materials. And also creating societal impact, by skill building, job creation and expanding educational opportunities in the township. A win-win-win situation for planet, people and economy.

This year we celebrated with fashionistas their progress. Retailers, Producers, Designers, Recyclers, Repairers, Investors, AI-experts, Teachers and what have you, all came together at our workplace: the Hof of Cartesius (the 1st new-build incubator completely made out of wastestreams and overproduction).

It was magical: having innovative business models being presented on the runway, asking the entrepreneurs behind those business models what would help them scale and being able to match them. Do you want to know more about building new ecosystems, to solve societal challenges together? Please reach out to us, to share more details from different sectors.


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