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Creativity for a Sustainable Future

That is the name of the book that Sandra Horlings contributed to. It is a unique collaboration of designers, academics, practitioners, and illustrators on how creativity can help build a sustainable future together.

In Sandra's chapter entitled 'Embrace the Circular Economy: a Rewarding Journey of Innovation, Creativity, and Collaboration, Sandra warmly extends an invitation to readers, requesting the honor of their presence and participation in embarking on a transformative journey into the Circular Economy.

She emphasizes the importance of RSVPing promptly, as seats, though plentiful, are available for a limited time. Sandra skilfully employs an unsettling analogy, drawing parallels between the urgency of securing seats for an imminent experience and the pressing need to change behavior regarding climate change. She underscores the increasing risk of temperate rise, noting that should it exceed 2 degrees Celsius, these seats will metaphorically melt away, leaving no trace behind.

Interested to read this one and the other 22 chapters? Here's the link to the publishers page:


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