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How CSRD-ready is your portfolio?

Navigating climate reporting and new business opportunities

Chances are you've already come across it: the CSRD reporting. It's a fresh directive from the European Commission that compels businesses to report on their endeavors to combat climate change and inequality. But why does this legislation exist, what precisely does it entail, and how can your organization achieve compliance by the conclusion of 2024?

Elevated transparency and enhanced quality

One of the pivotal themes relevant to many companies is undoubtedly circularity. In utilizing materials in existing and new value chains and also in the transition to circular business models. The CSRD, or Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, aims to boost transparency and improve the quality of sustainability information about companies to expedite their efforts to combat climate change.

Battling climate change and inequality

The new legislation enacted by the European Union compels corporate entities to furnish comprehensive reports regarding their initiatives to combat climate change and inequality. For large companies, this requirement kicks in from 2024 to collect data, and first reports can be expected in 2025. In the following two years, smaller entities will also need to comply. Companies meeting two out of three criteria (>250 employees, 40 million net turnover, and 20 million balance sheet total) must report on sustainability from 2024.

Transitioning from strategy to reporting

The critical question revolves around financing this transition, which ties into new business models that will help you deliver the value from circular business. This raises strategic marketing questions such as: Do you know which new circular or regenerative business models will drive your new business? What new value pools can you create, while mitigating the risks of change? And how will this affect your position in the ecosystem? Questions we have helped brands across sectors answer by our effective Co-create & Validate approach.

Discover which proven circular business models will set your organization up for a prosperous future. So, you can take the first step in defining your plans for a sustainable portfolio and an impactful 'CSRD' report. Get in touch with us, and we'll guide you through it.

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