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Farming while reviving the soil is possible

How do we communicate the story of regenerative farming to shoppers, so they choose to shop conscientiously?

Understanding this and helping to develop regenerative food propositions is our contribution to the food transition. Regenerative farming is much more than local farming. As well as saving transport miles, regenerative farming allows nature to solve problems by itself. Like a disease or a plague. It restores and revives the soil.

But with the convenience of supermarkets offering food from around the world in any given season, how do we convince consumers to buy regenerative-produced food? Together with five farmers we learned what would best attract shoppers' attention. We are happy to share some of our learnings.

Regenerative Farming - How to grow awareness_ - Storytelling insights
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What is the report about?

When it comes to our food, regenerative farming is the most effective strategy to restore the soil, bring back biodiversity and ensure food security. The key question is: how do we get as many people as possible interested in these products?

In this report: “How to grow awareness for regenerative farming”, you will find insights on how to get people interested in regenerative farming. And how we can get them to shop differently, so that the percentage of regenerative products increases.


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