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Circular Business: collaborate and circulate

Do you want to know more about the potential of a circular economy?Are you, like so many others, eager to learn how you can make it work for you and your organisation?

The new book Circular Business offers a practical 10-step approach for professionals in small, medium-sized and large organisations on how to initiate, lead and execute from pilot to circular businesses. What are the key success factors of organisations transitioning towards circular businesses? How do these organisations differ from traditional businesses in the way they collaborate with their partners and customers? And how can you apply their principles to your own situation? Through case study research - including those of Patagonia, Interface, Desso, Gispen, Vitsoe and more. Christiaan Kraaijenhagen, Cécile van Oppen and Nancy Bocken answer these questions. They reveal how successful circular businesses not only rethink product design, manufacturing processes and business models, but also – the most striking difference – how they approach collaboration.

Want to know more? Visit the authors' website or download this publication

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