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Demanding customers favor ethical brands

As member of an international think tank on Branding Sandra has been exploring the concept behind Brands with a Conscience. Understanding the reason behind ethical, fair, sustainable, human brands and learning from brands already applying this in their actions and interactions. Most of them being purpose led and principles driven. In the book Brands with a Conscience that was first published in 2016, we show how brands can behave ethically and achieve impressive business success through inspiring and provocative cases.

Interesting enough there is growing evidence for this concept. A fellow Medinge Member, Professor and Director of the Marketing Management Department at Esade Business & Law School, Oriol Iglesias together with his colleague Vicenta Sierra further researched the benefits and found that customers are increasingly demanding that their favourite brands behave ethically. As well as brands that promote ethical principles can boost their corporate image and strenghten customer relationships.

Want to innovate for positive impact and creating compelling stories to become the preferred brand of many? Give Sandra a call.

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